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Overheard at Microsoft

Dare Obasanjo blogs about his recent meeting with Bill Gates and it’s a great read about what the Gates foundation has been doing in Africa. The funniest part of the blog was when Dare overheard a conversation when leaving the building where he met Bill. The conversation summarized below:

Visitor: Where is Bill Gates’s office?
Receptionist: I’m not at liberty to divulge that information.
Visitor: I need to see him, I just downloaded Windows Vista and I have a number of complaints

Can you cancel my message?

Ever been in a situation where you’ve wanted to undo or cancel a message from being sent? According to the Crimson White, a newspaper serving the University of Alabama, a recent email was sent out to more than 21,000 students indicating that they were not eligible to take certain courses this semester. The message however was only meant to go out to 208 students. Can you imagine how many calls or emails the support staff at the University would have received regarding this errant message?

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What do you tell your children?

During dinner this evening I had a nice chuckle about a radio show where John Doe was talking about how as a child his mother had always said ‘Make sure you eat your food because children in India and China did not have a full meal every day’. However, now with children of his own, he has to say ‘Make sure you do your homework because children in India and China will take your job’.