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Marketing Management by Philip Kotler

It’s been almost two years since I last wrote an essay based exam. I need to dig out those trusty pens and pencils and exercise my wrists to prepare for this 3 hour exam. When will schools stop requiring students to write out essays for an exam? How about an open book exam since life is an open book? Even better switch to Tablet PCs like the Empire High School in Arizona, and perhaps students may even enjoy writing an exam. Before you hit me with ‘Back in my days … ‘ rest assured that all of this could just be my lazy mind talking since I’m nowhere close to starting or finishing catch up reading on 11 chapters. Enough whining, back to reading Marketing Management by Philip Kotler.

Back to School

I’m back in school and am signed up for a Marketing Management course. This will be one of those choices that align with typical 1 year plan goals and eventually an MBA in Information Technology Management – ‘eventually’ in this context is about 4 years away.

22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding or Marketing are:

1. Leadership

2. The Category

3 The Ladder

4 Duality

5 The Mind and Perception

6 Focus

7 Extension

8 Exclusivity and Superiority

9 Division

10 The Heart (Emotion)

11 Attributes

12 Candor

13 Sacrifice

14 Success

15 Failure

16 Unpredictability

17 Hype

18 Acceleration

19 Perspective

20 The Opposite

21 Origin

22 Resources