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Service Lockin

Jason Calcanis has started a thread titled The Official Meta Lockin Shame and Short-term Solution List describing how various service providers do not provide an easy way to export your data. With e-mail services such as Hotmail or GMail, functions to import addresses are provided. However, when it comes to getting these addresses out of Hotmail or GMail you literally need to pay the company to export your data. For example, Hotmail has recently begun introducing services such as Outlook Live as a way to synchronize contacts with Outlook or as an alternative if you were really that desperate you could sign up for the MSN service just to use Intellisync. So with all these issues how do you decide which service provider to choose? Do you go with GMail because of it’s slick interface and constant onshoot of new features or do you stick with the old player on the block and hope that they’re still willing to compete with all these other service providers? As David Worthington reports, Microsoft is testing a new Hotmail interface. Considering that Hotmail has been around for 10 years and has racked up over 200 million users expect this testing to be one that could drag on until all kinks have been ironed out.

MSN Video

While you’re checking out video search engines such as Google Video or Yahoo! Video take a second to check out MSN Video. MSN who? Yes, MSN, the division of Microsoft that’s been cranking out tons of new web applications. Although not integrated with MSN Search, the MSN Video site still has a nice interface and access to lots of media. How long will it be before they allow users to submit their own content or start indexing media content?