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MSDN Subscription

Thanks to James Shaw of Dozing Dogs/ CoverYourAsp/ Telligent I now have a universal MSDN premium subscription. I’ve gone back and forth on purchasing an MSDN subscription and always backed out because of the huge prize tag. When I was at Messiah I kept asking one of my professors to invest in the university license and the department finally purchased the license right when I graduated. Thank you Microsoft for giving MVPs the nice MSDN give-away subscriptions and thank you James for the subscription at such perfect timing. For those who’ve been following Telligent, Monday February 20th, 2006 is the official launch date for Community Server 2.0.

Design, Develop and Deploy

I just updated my blog to use a cleaner template and attempted to use more CSS for the various templates. The template was originially designed by Douglas Brown and is available as one of the additional templates in Blogger. However, I realized that I could cut down the page size and also optimize the page to treat search engine robots with more respect. I’ll update you once the next Google dance begins.

I’ve also begun reading Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide by Eric Meyer to prepare for the next version of this site.

Dozing Dogs will be releasing version 2.2 later this month which is the Content Management System (CMS) powering this site. Most of the code for the site will soon be moved to Server Intellect primarily because Webhost4Life’s service level has rapidly declined.

Aside from that, recent releases from DevJunkies and Community Server have left me with even more applications to test and integrate with the existing site.

Lots of design, development and deployment going on in my life.