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Changing the order of Windows network connections

Increasingly, from what I’ve observed, depending on the number of network hardware you have in your computer, network connections in Windows attempt a wireless connection first and then an ethernet connection. However, it’s not obvious where to change the order or preference of network connections in Windows. To modify the priority of network connections try the steps listed below:

  1. Open Network Connections. Since the whole Windows Vista network redesign, I’ve found it easier to use the Control Panel shortcut by clicking on the Start orb and typing in ncpa.cpl in the search box and pressing enter
  2. Click on Advanced
  3. Click on Advanced Settings and you should now see the following windowAdvanced Network Settings
  4. Under Connections select the connection whose priority you would like to change and use the arrows to modify the priority or change the bindings that are associated with the specific connection

Search in Windows Vista

For the longest time, search functionality in Windows has been rather limited. In fact, I believe the plethora of search products and toolbars such as Google Desktop Search and Yahoo! Desktop Search are a direct result of this limitation. With Windows Vista, Microsoft has definitely improved search. Earlier today I came across one search improvement termed ‘natural language search’. Mike Torres has a great write up of Natural Language Search in Windows Vista but for quick summary, before I enabled natural language search, a query such as “Email to John about Scripts’ resulted in 0 search results.

Search with Natural Language Search disabled

I enabled natural language search and the same query now results with the following results:

Results with Natural Search Enabled

To enable Natural Language Search in Windows Vista:

  1. Open any folder in Windows Vista
  2. Click on Organize
  3. Click on Folder and Search Options
  4. Click on the Search tab
  5. Make sure that the box next to ‘Use natural language search’ is checked
  6. Click OK 

You can now enjoy the full power of natural language search in Windows Vista.

Vista Build 5472

Yesterday morning, I upgraded my primary computer at home to Vista Ultimate Build 5472. The whole upgrade went fast as I was able to complete it before leaving for work in the morning. So far I’m only having trouble with my outdated Intel web camera and my VPN connection using Nortel Contivity (From what I gather Nortel will be releasing a new version of Nortel Contivity later this year). The one thing I learnt today is that my Windows Experience Index is rated at 1.0, implying lack of some important features such as Aero or in other words New Computer Desire Percentage is rated at 100%.