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Kalambo Consulting

I recently had to setup a WordPress site for an accounting professional who wanted his own web presence. The overall scope of the project included registering the domain name, managing the hosting of the site, setting up WordPress, utilizing a custom theme from the theme gallery, and setting up the taxonomy (categories) and folksonomy (tags) for the site. The primary plugins that were used include:

Fluency Admin – to provide a more user friendly admin screen.

Capability Manager – to manage the roles and capabilities for each user of the site.

Contact Form 7 – to manage the custom contact form used on the site.

Redirection Plugin for WordPress

Earlier this week I installed the Redirection Plugin for WordPress to handle some broken permalinks caused as a result of changing the URL structure for my domain.

There’s some great information about customizing the plugin at Redirection Plugin and Regexes. For my purposes, I was trying to redirect posts like:




Here are the settings that worked for me:

Source URL: ​/(\d*)?​/(\d*)?​/([A-Za-z0-9-]*).html

Target URL: /$1/$2/$3/