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The console serial number you entered has already been registered

In the spirit of the Xbox 360 launch I renewed my Xbox Live service for an additional year and started the process of converting/ setting up my Xbox Forums account and encountered the following error message when trying to register my console:

The console serial number you entered has already been registered

Okay. I pull out all my paperwork and confirm that the console number is registered under my name and that the Xbox service contract is valid through 2006. Assuming this will be an easy fix, I call Xbox ‘Top-Quality Service’ at (800) 469-9269. Within a few minutes, it becomes apparent that the console is actually registered under my name but isn’t listed on the Xbox website under Console Registration. Is it only me, or could the wording of the error message be changed to indicate that the console was actually registered under my name? Or, would it be possible to actually display the consoles registered under my name?

My Halo 2 Stats

After a break of almost 4 months I started playing Halo 2 again. Boy have I really lost whatever little skill I had. My most recent statistics clearing indicate that something is totally off – perhaps it’s just all this news on the Xbox 360 and my mind trying to tempt me into getting the console when it launches. If only …

Xbox 360 Theme

Larry Hryb, popularly known as Major Nelson, has just released a new Xbox 360 theme. What’s triggered a tad amount of jealousy is the 10:30 AM Xbox 360 Test Session currently shown on his smartphone screen shot. To add to this, in this week’s Xbox blogcast/ podcast he describes testing his first multiplayer Xbox 360 game. Crazy Microsoft benefits.

In the past Larry’s run various Xbox themed contests and also covered E3 quite well, so if you have any remote interest in the Xbox platform, I’d definiately recommend adding his blog to your aggregator.

Speaking of the Xbox, I just renewed my service contract for the console. Does anyone else think that service contracts are one of those unnecessary layers of cushion that you always don’t have when you need them most?

Xbox Power Cords

Microsoft’s Xbox Power Cord replacement program is all over the news now but what’s kind of strange is that I registered my console and even paid for the extra warranty service but received no mail notification regarding this. If it weren’t for Major Nelson’s blog post regarding this I probably would have missed this issue until later this month.

Either way, if you purchased an Xbox with a manufacture date before October 23, 2003 you may want to order the replacement power cord for free to avoid potential fire hazards.

See Microsoft’s Xbox site for more information.

MAC Address for Xbox

When trying to register an Xbox on a university network you may need to find the MAC address corresponding to the console. The steps listed below should make this a bit easier:

1) Turn on the Xbox ensuring that there is no disc in the console

2) The Xbox will load to the Xbox Dashboard.

3) Select Settings from the list of options

4) Select Network Settings

5) The MAC address for the console is located in the lower right hand corner.