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Firefox Windows 8 Metro prototype

If a browser does not support Metro, it is seriously at risk of losing the default browser status, and therefore significant market share. A browser without support for Metro, if default, would be taking away a Metro browser completely from the user’s computer. Even if a user spends most of their time in the Desktop interface, having a really good Metro browser may be enough for the user to change their default browser. A browser with great Metro support can gain significant browser market share for this reason. It is extremely important that we deliver an awesome Firefox experience on Metro, one that is tightly integrated with the platform, fast, and feature rich. Windows is by far the platform with the most users and which has the biggest effect on market share.

Firefox Windows 8 Status Update via Brian R. Bondy.

Live Search autosuggestions come to Firefox

The Live Search add-on for Firefox gives you auto-suggestions from Live Search right in the browser while you’re typing your query.

The Live Search add-on for Firefox is available to install at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/10434. It is based on the Open Search standard.

Last year I had created a browser search box. It’s powered with Google Co-op but allows for search to be narrowed down to a specific domain.

The program must close to allow a previous installation attempt to complete

For some really odd reason, a recent Firefox update on my Windows Vista computer resulted in the following error message when attempting to launch the program “The program must close to allow a previous installation attempt to complete”

Based on the extremely long but very helpfull mozillaZine forum thread, Firefox may have an orphaned file(s) that prevents the program from launching after an update. On my computer, I had to delete both xpicleanup.exe and xpicleanup.dat Apparently the xpicleanup file is used to cleanup after an update or installation of Firefox. To resolve the problem the following steps may help:

  1. Restart your computer or end all running instances of Firefox or xpicleanup.exe
  2. Open Windows Explorer and ensure that you can view hidden files and folders
  3. Delete the xpicleanup.exe file from C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
  4. Delete the xpicleanup.dat file from C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
  5. Firefox should now start normally

Firefox Crop Circle

Earlier this month there were a bunch of news reports about students who decided to honor Firefox by creating a crop circle of the Firefox logo.

Below, is visual proof of the crop circle but the real news is that a Temple University student, Matt Shichtman, actually worked on the circle. Apparently he spent the Summer interning as a documentary filmmaker for Mozilla. Cool!

Firefox Crop Circle

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Explorer Destroyer

How wrong is this? Explorer Destroyer – a script to help you convince people to switch to Firefox. According to the site, for each person that switches, Google gives you $1, Microsoft loses marketshare, and an angel gets its wings. Would you switch to Internet Explorer if Microsoft gave you $2? Although I must say that convincing someone to switch from IE 6 to Firefox 1.5 is probably doing the person a big favor. Using a script to force all IE users to upgrade to Firefox is another story.