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Is a Toyota Corolla Worth It?

Last year my trusted, will never die, will run for ever, will cross 300,000 miles, will do cart wheels Honda Accord finally showed its age. After many days of research I finally decided I wanted to get a new Toyota Corolla. For the first year, I had zero complaints, however in the last two months, an onboard computer chip had to get replaced and now my center case latch needs to get replaced. None of the replacement parts cost me anything since the car is still covered under a warranty but what’s more concerning is the fact that great brand name products fail. It’s even more annonying when now you can’t walk around recommending your purchase knowing that the same things may fail for others. In this case, word of mouth marketing is definitely not in Toyota’s favor.

Plastic Packages

If you’ve ever bought anything that a store thinks might be worthy enough to be stolen you’ve probably dealt with the ‘very easy to open plastic packaging’ theft deterrant. The packaging is so popular that Consumer Reports has their own Oyster Awards for America’s hardest-to-open packages. It looks like a company called Ranchmark Inc, decided they wanted to ruin the awards ceremony by introducing a product called OpenX – a new hand held tool specifically designed to safely and easily open plastic packages. I’m waiting to read some more online reviews but am also curious if it comes in its own plastic packaging?

Downloading Your Pictures From Flickr

I’ve blogged about service lock-in before but wasn’t expecting to encounter this with Flickr! Either way, I couldn’t find an easy way to export or download my images from Flickr, without going through each image and then saving them one by one back to my desktop. Why do they make it so simple to upload pictures, tag pictures, group pictures, organize pictures and do everything you could possibly imagine with pictures but make it so hard to download your own pictures locally? Perhaps I wasn’t searching hard enough for the burried Flickr export option, but thanks to Greggman, this frustration was quickly doused by way of his FlickrDown utility – a program that offers a quick and easy way to download your pictures from Flickr.

No ID address mark was found on the floppy disk

The best error message I received in August was “No ID address mark was found on the floppy disk.”

Not a very nice error when your client has some critical work on a floppy disk. In fact, a very bad error when most online search results indicate that there were no easy ways of recovering the data. As always, these are the worst times to bring up discussions such as the use of the floppy disk or saving critical work in only one location.

Anyways, the only way I was able to recover the data was by using BadCopyPro – an excellent utility recommended by Mike Y. and created by Jufsoft.

Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access Message Headers

Earlier this week I was trying to figure out a way to view headers of various messages in my Outlook Web Access inbox and realized that out of the box Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access does not have a way to view message headers. What! You mean I have to open an Outlook client just to view headers?

According to some sites I read, the only work around to viewing these headers is to replace a file on the Exchange server to provide for this functionality. Argh!

Anyways, if you think this feature is essential and have access to your Exchange 2003 server try the updated file available at Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access Extension Allows You to View Message Source or at the Information and Utilities for Exchange/IIS Administrators page.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know if Exchange 2007 has this feature integrated with Outlook Web Access?